August 29, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear o dem bones, yet another tale of woe, wail, and hardship.

More msgs to users, title changes, fixed a few Webster's entries.

Here we go. Into the Crypt:

  • Fozi Bear requested by Powers.
  • Thirteen nodes (Why did you erase my nodes?; Chatterbox Bot; A second chance; The Natives are Restless; Love-lies-bleeding; water from the Sky; Narcissistic wounding; reflection of self; DeepTruth; Bored rich geek jerk off mindfucks; chattering Alien heads; opinons; The Insane Planet) all by FX. Most were at -8 or so. User had deleted all content and put in "deleted by jessicapierce". Which of course makes no sense as the user deleted the content itself. Nuke requests were made by xdjio and Fruan, who also wanted the user nuked. So I did.
  • AOL-Time-Warner by WolfDaddy, as requested.
  • Green Peace by Zeolite, as requested.
  • The Count by idoru and Liz Lot. The former was linkless and pointless, the first pointless and with broken spelling.
  • The Whitlams by cantsin. Pointless three word node from November 13, 1999.
  • slurpee by blaaf. As requested.
  • The Word by Bilton2000. A duplicate. As requested.
  • Allen Cox by markster and enterfornone. Nov. 13, 1999 nodes that misspelled the name in any case. As requested by Sudderth.
  • Humans with Vaginas by mblase. As requested.