When she was a child of about three or four years old, there were two Bozos on TV.

One was the Good Bozo. He wore a light blue baggy jumpsuit. He had a big floppy collar, pom poms for buttons, had big hair and wore makeup. He looked like her mother. Once she came in to the room and she said, "Mom! You look just like Bozo," to make her happy. This did not make her happy. Anyway, the reason he was the Good Bozo was that he showed cartoons! He would just shuffle around a bit, do something with a flower pot that was kind of funny, and then show cartoons for a whole hour. He owned all of the good cartoons and he would show them to kids! Yay!

But there was another channel on the TV with a funny number, maybe two whole digits. On this channel there lived the Evil Bozo. The Evil Bozo was not really Bozo. He just said he was Bozo. His baggy jumpsuit was the wrong shade of blue. He did not look happy. He did not show cartoons. He had a bunch of little kids trapped in there with him and he made them sit on hard wooden benches watching him do magic tricks that did not work. She knew he was a very bad man because he was pretending to be Bozo but did not show any cartoons. He looked a little bit like her mom but not like the Good Bozo did. She didn't know if the Good Bozo knew about the Evil Bozo but if he did she was sure that the Good Bozo would be very mad at the Evil Bozo for not showing any cartoons and for pretending to be the Good Bozo but really being the Evil Bozo instead.

Once, another kid said that he liked to watch Bozo. She liked to watch Bozo too! So they went to his house. He turned on the TV to the wrong channel, the one with two digits. There was the Evil Bozo. She looked at the other kid and felt very very sad. The Evil Bozo had tricked him.