Founder of the Raelian sect, a religious movement that firmly believes that we were created by some aliens.

Claude Vorilhon a.k.a. Raël was born on september 30th of 1946, in Vichy, France. His many interests went from recording three albums under the nickname of Claude Celler, to driving race cars.

On december 13th 1973, Claude Vorhilon met an alien who gave him the name of Raël (meaning The one who brings the light from Elohim) and transmitted him the knowledge of the universe. He immediately wrote a book titled Le Livre qui dit la vérité (The book that tells the truth). On october 7th 1975, an alien delegation took Raël on another planet where he saw amazing things and met people such as Jesus, Buddah, Moses and Mahomet, maintained alive scientifically until their come back on earth. Three years later, Raël published the remaining messages he had received from the E.Ts, including the destruction of the mankind in a future nuclear world war. But before this final disaster takes place, the aliens are going to save a minority of humans, such as the non-violents people.

Raël's actual mission is to build an embassy to receive the aliens on this fatidic day. The base must be built at Jerusalem or at least somewere else in Israel.

On this day, Raël did not built his embassy yet. His biggest creation is UFO land, the first center of extraterrestrial interpretation, in Valcourt, Canada.

You can find more informations about Raël and his funny organization on his official websites: