I have an ex-cow orker whom I regard as somewhat of a mentor. He introduced me to all things IP, Unix and HTML. He also shared my early fascination with Linux. I learned a lot from him, and perhaps above all else this is the reason I am now being paid megabucks to run very expensive computers.

He has one failing, though and this is an endemic problem with Linux users. A new server is required? Fine, we'll put together a Linux box. I have no quarrel with that for the most part, Linux does what it does quite well. However! The instant you get hold of a new computer system, they want to install Linux on it. The more obscure it is, the greater the urge.

Him: "Wow, you have an Indy now?".
Me: "Yes, I just need to get hold of IRIX and it will be up and running."
Him: (somewhat surprised) "What, you're not going to run Linux on it?"

Linux won't do a fraction of what IRIX will do on an SGI system. So yes, heretic that I am, I prefer to run the native OS.

I even read a report recently of a Linux user trumpeting about how he'd got it to run on an multiprocessor Enterprise 10000 domain. Yes, porting linux to Sparc is a great achievement. Solaris however, is generally a better option for an E10k. Why you would run Linux on such a machine is beyond me.

I can only pray that it was a "So we can say we did it" deal, a bit of OS penis waving, similar to comparing BogoMIPS.


It is now evident that SGI are throwing their full support behind Linux, and providing support for linux developers. This was not entirely true when this node was written.

I did actually install linux on my indy just to see what it was like, but it was unstable and had very little application support. I installed IRIX again very soon thereafter. I stand by my assertion that IRIX is still the only option for this platform.