Why *I* got my tattoo.

There are a number of reasons that I have a large, fierce dragon on my right upper back. First and foremost the ability to undergo the act of being tattooed - to overcome the fear of the unknown was part of what I wanted to anchor. That's why I got the tattoo. What I had inked and where I placed it are another matter entirely.

  • I chose a huge dragon for the statement it makes to me of power and strength. This I have to remind me of the personal power and strength that I have within me at precisely those moments when these qualities are lacking and I need them most.

  • The design is purely black and tribal in nature. The simplicity of the design highlights the simplicity of the ideas of power and strength. There is no embellishment - the ideas are simple and so is the design. The black is a sinister and powerful colour. The black represents a part of my personality as well as the bold reality of strength and power and the dark regions from which they are drawn.

  • The placement on my body is such that the dragon's head looks directly over my right shoulder. The symbolism of having such a powerful creature constantly looking over my shoulder is a reminder that I must be never forget these qualities, lest an enourmous beast with big sharp pointy teeth devour me..

People get tattoos for many reasons. I got mine to remind me of qualities in myself that pull me through when I need them most. I got the tattoo done at a time when these qualities were indeed lacking, which makes it all the more fitting.

The next tattoo, and the only other I want is the kanji for bushido: the way of the warrior. The dragon has a less obvious martial arts link as well. Having bushido will tie in nicely. The timing for the second one is something I've yet to decide. Perhaps when I reach shodan.