Getting old...

So here I am sitting at my desk listening to some mp3s from the rather large repository on one of our servers (one of the benefits of massive amounts of free disk space, I guess) when I have one of those moments.

I fully fathom that I'm officially not young any more.

On comes Nomad's "(I wanna give you) Devotion". I fondly recall many drunken nights at the local nightclub when I was 17 or 18 with this song blaring through the speakers.

Memories of youthful indulgence in cheep beer, cigarettes and learning to cope with almost impossible amounts of alcohol and its inevitable results. We were young and we felt invincible - we'd be there all friday night and go back the next night to do it all over again. Often we'd drive girls home and clumsily try to have our way with them in the back seat as our designated driver for the night drove us home.

It all seems so long ago. Such a long time since I felt so alive, so young. I long for that time all over again - the friends that I had, the things we did when our actions didn't have consequences.

It's scary how well 3 and a bit minutes of a song can conjure that level of reaction.