A few ideas that occurred to me after meeting the work experience kid in a meeting the other day. I've been through a few of these myself, others are old standards, at least as far as Australian workplaces go. Feel free to add your own practical jokes to the list.

  • Send the kid to the store for a left handed screwdriver.
    Works better when you first ask them to fetch you a screwdriver, try it out, and declare that it won't work because the thread on this screw is left handed.
  • Send the kid to the store for a tin of striped paint.
    Again, this one is all the better if you preclude it with some bullshit about needing to paint stripes onto a surface, or similar. You'd be surprised how many people apparently fall for this one.
  • Poets day
    When someone says something about it being friday or the end of the week, declare that the day is also "Poets day" and act as though it was a well-known date on the calendar.
  • Send the kid to store to get a "long weight"
    This is much better when you know that the store in question will play along and leave them standing around for long periods.