One of the many imaginary alter egoes of Snoopy. When in his flying ace mode, Snoopy sits atop the roof of his doghouse wearing a skull cap, goggles, and a scarf, and clutching imaginary machine guns. His arch enemy is the Red Baron, whom he must dogfight every time he goes into the air. And he likes to narrate his missions.

As the dawn breaks, I wave to the poor blighters below. Blighters like it when you wave to them.
The World War I Flying Ace is an American stationed at an Allied aerodrome "somewhere in France"—in the book Snoopy and the Red Baron, he is based near the town of Pont-au-Mousson. He flies a Sopwith Camel, which more often than not returns to base riddled with bullets and belching out smoke from its tail. Before every mission, the Ace eats an English muffin, which is usually too cold for his tastes.

Other Peanuts characters figure into Snoopy's flying ace fantasy as well. Woodstock is the Ace's mechanic. After the Ace is shot down trying to destroy an ammunition train (Linus Van Pelt's wagon), he attempts to kill a sentry (Charlie Brown) and evade two machine gunners (Sally Brown and Lucy Van Pelt) on either side of the barbed wire (their jump rope). And so on.

Most common quote: "Curse you, Red Baron!"