Taisho, born Harunomiya Yoshihito to Emperor Meiji in 1879, was the Emperor of Japan from 1912 to 1926, an era in which Japan's government was known as the "Taisho Democracy"—modernized and ready to join the West, but instead preparing itself for fascism and its slow slide into World War II. The fact that he was ill for virtually all of his reign didn't help: by 1920, he was unable to get out of the Imperial Palace to convene the Diet.

Yoshihito married Kujo Sadako on May 25, 1900, and had four children. The eldest, Crown Prince Michinomiya Hirohito, became the heir to the Imperial throne upon Taisho's death on December 25, 1926.

The name "Taisho" appears as a single character block in Unicode at hex 337D. It looks like this:

As two characters, it appears as hex 5927 6B63:


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