So get this: tonight, I was invited to present at a Harvard Law School symposium. Say what?

That's right. It's BloggerCon, and it's all about social engineering through weblogs. Now that I'm in (nominal) charge of Bob Graham's blog, I get to share a stage with Mathew Gross, the college dropout from Utah who made Howard Dean's blog and subsequently netted Dean a few million dollars. I haven't netted anyone that much in my life!

So it goes, so it goes. I won't impress anyone, but at least I'll get a nice weekend in a funky town where I get to talk about, well, bullshit. Everything2 will definitely make its way into as many of my ramblings as possible.

Anyway, I'll be in Cambridge on the weekend of October 4th. If anyone's getting wicked retahded that weekend, I'd love to be part of it.

Details on the shindig are at .