Job Description: President of the United States of America

Mandatory Prerequisites

Recommended, but not required: Responsibilities
  • Must oversee the execution of all federal legislation.
  • Must be available at all times to take command of the armed forces.
  • Must be willing to lead the nation, and pretend to lead the free world, during times of crisis.
  • Must be willing to abandon private life in favor of public life.
Compensation package includes: Job security: This position is guaranteed for four years, barring assassination or impeachment. It may be extended to eight years with good behavior, but no further extensions of contract are possible.

Theoretically, a president can serve for up to ten years: they are limited to two four-year terms, and if they happen to come into the presidency in the middle of the last president's term, that term only counts if they serve for more than half of it. But that's a bit pedantic, and I wouldn't have considered mentioning it if mkb hadn't brought it up. Thanks, mkb!

Also, just for the record, you don't have to be Vice President to become President if the President dies. The Speaker of the House and President pro tempore of the Senate, as well as the Cabinet secretaries, are also in line, and get to become president if everyone above them in the pecking order dies at the same time.