I was on vacation with my family in South Carolina a couple of years ago, and we started to notice ants crawling around the house. We asked the exterminator what to do about them.

His answer was a perfectly Southern one: grits!

Specifically, what you do is surround the house with instant grits. In case you've never seen instant grits before, they're dry and powdery. When you add hot water, they puff out, sort of like oatmeal, and turn into a tasty treat (or a disgusting excuse for a meal, if you're from north of the Mason-Dixon line).

How do the grits kill the ants? Well, the ants see the grits (or do whatever ants do to detect food), and promptly eat them. Then the grits expand from the moisture within the ants' bodies, causing the little dudes to explode.

"Cool!" my brother-in-law said. I just shook my head and willed myself back to Miami, Florida.