1. I think I aced my LSAT, but I'm still not sure. I made sure to apply to some really good law schools just in case.
  2. I briefly became addicted to Wikipedia. I don't know if I'll ever be able to fully reacclimate to E2.
  3. I also dawdled around C2 (which should actually be called !E2, because it's basically a copy of E2 that defines itself as being not E2, even though it's the same damn thing; contrast the US and Canada).
  4. I also started a xanga site, which may make me stop doing daylogs.
  5. Last night, I spoke before the Student Senate for all of 45 seconds, and basically set the frame of debate for the remainder of the session. It was righteous. The issue was over starting an Asian cultural institute alongside the existing black and Latino ones; my final statement was "We are all Asians, and this is our institute!" I still won't become a senator, though; it's just something pointless to put on your resume and sound important.
  6. I saw Lost in Translation, at dannye's urging; it was a great movie. But I'm torn, because Kill Bill and The Last Samurai were similarly kick-assy. I'm gonna have divided loyalties come Oscar time, not that I ever pay attention to the Oscars.
  7. Al Gore sucks.
  8. But George W. Bush could still make Paris Hilton jealous.
  9. I also turned 20. It was a lame birthday. I didn't even remember it until somebody pointed it out.
  10. I'm tired. I don't think I'll node tonight.