One of Cap'n Crunch's most legendary feats (I speak of John Draper here, not the cereal officer) occurred in the early 1970's. He used his blue box to scout out a trunk line going into the White House, and along with a friend, began snooping on a few calls. They were able to discover the phone number for Richard M. Nixon's desk in the Oval Office, as well as the code word needed to access it: "Olympus."

So Crunch calls the number up and gives the code word, and a couple of clicks later, Nixon answers the phone. "What's going on?"

Crunch: "We have a crisis here in Los Angeles!"

Nixon: "What's the nature of the crisis?"

Crunch: "We're out of toilet paper, sir!"

This is the only time anyone has successfully crank called the President of the United States. I'm surprised the Jerky Boys haven't offered Draper honorary membership for that.

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