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mission drive within everything
To daylog. To node MtG cards. To prove myself as good as seeya.
Trying my best to draw pictures with words.
Microsoft. For now.
Please create better than I can describe.
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February 9, 2002 (idea)
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What I'd like out of E2:
1. The comprehensive rules of Mao.
2. The lessons of Calvinball.
3. Enough upvotes and C!s to keep me going.
4. Enough wonderful articles and nodeshells to keep me coming back for more.
5. Reality or unreality. A little bit of everything would be cool :)
6. Kind words disguised as wise advice.
7. Wise advice disguised as kind words.
8. The I'm Very Sorry Song ;)
9. Sage advice on relationships.
10. To be decided.
Advisors: insanefuzzie