The most inspiring member of X-Nation 2099, part of the 2099 series published by Marvel Comics. She and the rest of her team of young mutants (Caravan, Clarion, December, Metalsmith, Nostromo, Uproar, Willow, and Wulff) gathered in Halo City, Nevada.

She projects a "sphere of influence" a few feet around her body in which the laws of reality are at her command. Considering her powers, she was understandably self-centered, until she developed deeper feelings for Metalsmith, who was almost immediately attracted to her and quickly joined X-Nation.

(The argument has been made that Twilight's powers are analogous to how decisions are made by anarchists. Those decisions that most affect a person should be made by that person. When a decision affects many people, the amount of influence each person has over the decision should be based on how much the decision would affect that person... and the rest of society, the community, is there to help make sure such decision-making guidelines are followed.)