...lord of destruction. He was very controlled, calm, he knew exactly where all the boundaries were. He could find the gates of heaven. Today's tabletop fellowship at Wibbly's consisted of me, the blue human, the ring-bearer, and the red elf Ruddy. We created mindread.dll, together. The ideas were revolutionary. Inspired by Destruction, written by Dream, tested by Destruction, watched over by the ring-bearer and the blue human. Destruction assigned mindread.dll to be tested some more by the dark human and the toothpick wielder. The dark human taught the toothpick wielder to fly and they found the export together. Mission accomplished. It was time for replication. The blue bearded dwarf would make sure it met with specifications. Candle would join us soon, and there would be much rejoicing. By students and teachers alike.

The dark human had looked directly into the eyes of Death and saw a cute little Goth girl. He had no fear. They went on a date, saw a basketball game, had a few Donuts. It was all cool. They learned to fly together as well, again and again. The Goth girl was satisfied.

We winked at them. Twinkling. We still wanted to see the vastness of the Milky Way. In person. Hand in hand. I waited for Candle to appear. I could see her and not see her at the same time. She cried tears of joy and wanted to run to me immediately, but she would wait a little longer, wait a little longer. Prole had joined Candle's tribe of her own free will, but the invitation to Teardrop's tribe was always open. Candle grinned knowingly. Such was the Game of Life after all.

    out of control
     we steered the sun
      and followed the path of the serpent
       to wisdom
        on the back of the world turtle
         crawling on the web of life
          the spider is not peter parker