Trade Mark around. I awoke this morning to the sound of silence. My first thought was of Candle. I twisted the knob on my halogen lamp and there was light. I started to write again in my Tomb of Existence, my Tome. It was merely a review of my own history. Or was it?

Eden, my brother, and Teardrop, his wife, smiled. Candle waited in breathless anticipation. Eden was wearing a gray sweatshirt yesterday, grounded in the possibilities of science. Teardrop reflected on all of reality and unreality. My parents had chosen blue instead of green or gray. They would become my top advisors. Other blue men that day would lead me to the edge of their kingdoms, and the rest would be open possibilities. Gabriel, the blue angel, became my mentor. My former mentor, a blue dwarf, took a well deserved rest. I would have to call on him for help later. Puss in boots was a master of control and alterations. And the blue dwarf has great taste in art too. What was his name again? The artist? No matter, I was thankful. The blue dwarf walked around in his Shoes of Control and Alterations - he had received them from the tribe of Candle.

We were six blue wizards in sync that day. But today promised to be different. My ostensibly direct superior had joined me long ago as a peer. We were torn from each other, in twain. In the center of chaos, he too had a wandering eye. His right eye became a wishing one. Whatever it chose to see would become reality. Twilight was upon us once again. The dusk rolled in like a blanket of gray security. We relaxed. We were excited too. We each started with a pen and a blank sheet of paper.

That afternoon during our noonday meal, the Chaotic Good elf was introduced into the growing fellowship. His name would be Ruddy,