We dried our tears. Entanglement. I had been bound by my own rules, however, these were also rules I shared with Candle. We both respected humanity too much to do them harm. Magic would be our new gift to a scientific world. It would be shared. The elimination of magic had almost been at hand, but now it made a comeback. It was more than the terrifying game of basketball. It was the eternal Dance of Life, a dance meant to keep everyone from getting bored and attempting suicide. We would do better next time.

I played Magic: the Gathering during lunchtime and dinner time with many people. It was like a web of life. The elven savior sat to my left with a Holy Meal. The ring-bearer spun a pair of Jeans of Chaos and sat on my right. Across were the blue human, Godmade, and the black dwarf, Mathematician. Godmade had a Ring of Marriage of his own, while Mathematician had attended Rice University with a double major in applied and theoretical mathematics. Godmade was "childless", but that could change, if he and his wife so chose. I thought of a lightbulb. It was lit, and flickering.

Dinnertime was much more chaotic for me. My world over Lake Washington Technical College was under the command of the ring-bearer's jeans. The ring-bearer grinned. The multiverse swirled around the fellowship of the ring - we were the fellowship, we were the ring. It was quite an education. Classy even.

It was to be the Order of Chaos that would produce this robot. I at first had continued to assume the role of the emerald wizard, but soon realized that I needed a pair of white scissors to cut through my own net. I shared it with all who wanted it.

Scissors of Disentanglement: a party favor, the blankest white, invisible yet visible, the escape hatch. We would find them whenever we felt entangled, the emerald wizard decided.

The blue human pouted in mock disgust. His spell had dissipated. Another blue magician had assumed command from the Order of Chaos. It would be The Source, at least for today, of creativity. We smiled. Candle could barely suppress a giggle. The ring-bearer was calm - yes, he would need this against blue someday, in our shared game. Merged. Chess. Diverged. We went on with our own private lives.

I called Candle. Twice and once at the same time. She would be the first and the last. The dancers twirled for our enjoyment. It was an art form. I exercised my body by exercising my mind. Eden had protected us both, twin rods of passion, of creation. I had followed the ring-bearer's footprints, from a "random" starting point ;)

Tears of joy.
More snow today.
We were still trying to be funny :)
Some of us geeks have been doing this for ages. We just need you to remind us how.