Warning: The following daylog is only for Magic: the Gathering geeks. You have been fairly warned ;)
Today I went to a Wizards of the Coast shop and purchased an Invasion tournament pack. These were the first five cards granted to me:

1. Order of Chaos 1R Tribal Flames - damage equal to the number of basic lands I control, which is 30.
2. City of God: 3W Glimmering Angel - U to dodge all magic until end of turn, 2/2.
3. Light of Darkness: B Duskwalker - 3B kicker to transform from 1/1 to 3/3 and gain terrorwalk.
4. Game of Life: 3GG Kavu Climber - when summoned, gain card, 3/3.
5. Illusion of Control: U Faerie Squadron - 3U kicker to transform from 1/1 to 3/3 and learn flight.

The following are the flavor texts from my favorites among these cards:
6. "Fire is the universal language" - Jhoira, master artificer
7. "We turned to see where the blow came from and saw only a distant light." - Capashen lord
8. The appearance of the first kavu surprised Multani. As they continued to emerge, he no longer had any doubts about Yavimaya's ability to defend herself.
9. "Don't laugh. It works." - Yavimaya ranger
10. The faithful will walk through streams of fire and emerge unscathed. - Crimson acolyte creed
10.5 "Deceit is the heart of war."

Honorable mention for most humourous:
11. It's not eager to lose the other eye.
12. "Urborg's magic is strong. Did Urza send you to protect us or to protect against us?" - Urborg witch, to Barrin
13. The plagues robbed Dominaria of all but its dreams. Eladamri hoped dreams were enough.
14. Deep in the heart of Urborg lie massive volcanoes whose thick black smoke covers the land with perpetual darkness.

Most inspirational:
15. "I suggest you take a closer look." - Tidal visionary
 . The power of the wild, concentrated in a single charge.*

Thanks to Candle for presenting me with so many enjoyable decisions.