I had settled with Sand, I hoped. She had once held my heart when nobody else wanted it.

A dark human called me away in the morning into the pits of despair. There we two fought against a Korean computer, the most horrible of beasts of the deep. We made only partial progress before I was forced to retreat. However, on the path returning to the surface, I found help from a Korean fairy.

I introduced her to the dark human and left them to their battle with a relaxed heart. The message came later from the dark human that the beast had been tamed. Fate rewarded the two. Both the dark human and the Korean fairy received the Chant of Courage - a spell that enabled even the most temporarily fearful of cowards to put life and Windows in perspective and laugh dismissively at the blue screen of death - it was better than haiku!

The dark human became more than a courage chanter however. He had been activated. He channeled Michael Jordan and learned to fly. He brought hope and calm to the deepest pits and highest peaks. All those around him were awed with respect.

The noonday celebration would be at Funditos, the most popular destination in the realm that day. Everybody who was anybody was there. The entire family. Some members of the fellowship left early before we could order our meals. Today the toothpick wielder declined participation. The ring-bearer and I arrived with the greenest of elves, a true idealist. He already had the gift.

Arriving separately were the two of unnamed races from yesterday. We had a jolly old time. I explained the invisibility inherent in telekinesis. It was mad, the idealist decided. One of the peanut gallery members suggested that I brave the insanity pits of the Office Build Process. I shrugged it off. We left cheerfully.

I left the tower, my tower, to visit the red wizard that afternoon. An amiable, professor-like fellow in a small ruddy room. We had a very understanding conversation and we winked at each other. It was a private joke.

I called Candle at the end of the day and we reviewed the day's progress.

So it would appear that some joker like my brother is hiding behind Klaproth and trying to tempt me to write more nodes that are useful for the other side - the ones they deem worthy enough for heaven. Well, we can fill up heaven too. We've got simplicity down to a point after all, don't we? /me rolls up sleeves.