Yesterday's lunch was more crowded. The tribunal brought on a female human and a female dwarf. One was from the tribe of Candle while the other was from the tribe that bestowed upon the ring-bearer his Ring of Class. These two women, the dwarf, and I rode together to a subterranean gathering place for our daily meal. There, we were joined by three others that the elf had brought with him, at least one other of which was also an elf. The races of the remaining two escape me. We would learn soon enough.

Over a lunch of sandwishes, of which I ordered the philly cheesesteak, we discussed the ongoing war in Europe. It almost seemed like a game of Diplomacy. England had taken St. Petersburg during the winter with a little help from divine intervention, while Austria was barely surviving after being backstabbed by long time mate - Turkey. England and Turkey were the current two largest empires in Europe. There was no thought of taking the war to the Middle East.

The toothpick wielder directed England, while the ring-bearer held on to what was left of Russia. I listened attentively. It was a fascinating tale of mortal intrigue... one in which friendships could easily be broken. However, the fellowship remained intact.

During this time, the female elf and female human were engaged in conversation with the remaining elf. The female human would be expecting a child soon. They talked of identical names of mates, like John and MyGreg. It was a code beyond our feeble understanding. We four rode back in the same way... the ring-bearer on a horse from the tribe of life.

That night, the toothpick wielder and I explored the vastness of Gameworks and directed an N'Sync video called "Bai-bai-bai". His masterful use of the Toothpick of Disbelief was a wonder to behold.