Life burns eternal.

We four horsemen gathered at noonday with horses provided by the ring-bearer. Also riding were Godmade and Mathematician. As we rode to Cucina Presto, we discussed stars and their relative movements with respect to us in all directions. At our destination, we once again ventured into the mines of denial by talking of The Man of La Mancha, Waiting for Godot, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Reality became subjective and we disproved Pythagorus. The winds of science raged around us, but we were well protected by the Shield of Literature, a gift from Candle and Teardrop's tribes simultaneously. It was a fifth dimensional tool accessible only by the most powerful of minds. We patted each other on the back. Like old friends.

Geometry lay vanquished by the side of the ring as we assumed quantum time and distance. Our gray decks were stacked against the gray wizard's tribe. We fought gray with grey. I held the fellowship together, while Candle became our spirit. There would be only four individuals in all of creation yesterday, like The Four Guardians of the Square. Mathematician temporarily held the north, the ring-bearer the east, I the south, and Godmade the west. We were crystalline as our audience breathed a sigh of relief in the third person. Who's writing this story anyway?


Before lunch, EDB was wielding his toothpick again. He suggested we divide up the new powers among three. We invited the ring-bearer back into the tribunal. Gray power would be dispersed evenly as chosen among the three (third person truths) after it was discovered they were rare. EDB chose nature's fury, the ring-bearer had at first chosen dark freedom but settled on rule reformation, while I took the remaining creative chaos. RGB.

Soon, a pitched battle raged between the Game of Life and the Order of Chaos. Illusion of Control watched from the sidelines. The green|gray wizard elf appeared to be losing ground quickly until a remarkable comeback allowed him to best the red|gray human. The elf was congratulated. Fate smiled upon him. Candle was slanted, across the page, floating like fire in the air.


I attempted to project myself outside my own life. That evening, I offered my Order of Chaos deck to the wizard in the red tower. However, it was refused friendlily. The knowledge was already shared. I plane shifted. The tribes were reset. Teams would have to be rechosen, and we would have to reexamine our history to determine the pre-existing tribes. The wizard in the red tower joined Eden's tribe. Red fused with green, for speed. He would soon live younger as well. Never to truly surrender. The match of merge MtG was over.

It was deemed fair. We would do better next time. The thunder rolled in and lightning flashed across the sky. We each held up a negative and a positive chopstick, an remembered the power was within. The fork of electricity turned into soup and drizzled down upon the cup of earth. Mmm... chicken noodle.