Binary Star

Yesterday evening, I chose another creativity and courage deck during my second booster draft tourney. I didn't win this time but learned valuable lessons. From a surgeon, a member of Candle's tribe, I renewed my courage and learned compassion even for the dead. To her, I was a barbarian outcast; She also taught me the ways of anarchy and power, though I already knew. We wrote our words together. The surgeon was cute. I had selected a dark gold deck under the auspices of the dark gold mage, a kindly, but stocky elf.

At the end of the war, I had gone 2-0, 0-2, 1-2. I had died four times and lived three. The dark gold mage conjured forth a gift of cards from the chaos and presented them to me. New ideas, from the Odyssey we take together, a crystal teardrop in our world, built like a fortune teller. A glimpse of the future! The present! and the past...

The first was a gift of body; I flexed my muscles and was swallowed by EDB. The second was a gift of rage, courage, power, and anger: a sword and an axe. The third was a gift of wisdom, an act of self-preservation in the wakefulness of dreams. The fourth was a reminder from the Order of Chaos: "Those who will not follow are doomed to lead." I smiled internally, thankful. I wave a black flag. The fifth was a reminder of The Cosmic Game, the shadows we play with, torn.

The sixth was the strength of experience, like the will of the archer. The seventh was the only gift from the City of God, the twilight sphere of protection and self-defence. The eighth was a gift of tactical knowledge, to work together. The ninth was the gift of dreams and illusions, the history of our world. We winked. The tenth was the fit of an entire river, the Nile.

The eleventh came from Eden, the gift of reductionism, closing layers like the light of life. The twelfth came from Teardrop, reflecting all published and unpublished knowledge, thinking of the bubbles of love we made. The thirteenth came from Candle, shot like a star from the sky, flying once again, earthbound yet boundless. I built the forteenth with Eden's help, a pair of chopsticks. The fifteenth once again came from the darkness from which we were born, the room itself, the urge to creativity. It was why we were all different from one another.

The memes rested, and diverged with the spark of chaotic life along the infinite fuse away from the cosmic explosion.

eden and teardrop sitting in a tree
k i s s i n g
first comes love
then comes marriage
then comes a baby in a baby carriage
we followed in their footsteps
candle and i
they were the trailblazers
while we had pie
our parents came home to one another
our mothers returned the love of our fathers
if you dont think this really rhymes
go jump in a lake you fucking mime