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Write something about yourself? Ok...

Everything I am is a culmination of everything I have ever seen or heard. I sincerely believe that my brain is simply a sponge and has never experienced an original thought, let alone created something nice, or in-ter-est-ing, or inspirational

Actually, although it is true that I like to whine about my lack of creativity, I can be quite creative when I put my mind to it.

My true creative outlet is my bass guitar however since it is purely a passion thing I have decided that I could use an outlet for something a little more articulate.
This is where you, the casual observer, come in.
I think I read somewhere that "the brain is like a muscle" and if I want to avoid the sponge brain syndrome mentioned above maybe I should start beefing up. As I mentioned I play bass. I think playing bass guitar (for me at least) is probably going to be the one thing that I do with my life that I will ever consider myself good at. Why do I consider myself good at bass? Because when I pick it up I invariably smile - it is conducive to me for having a good time.