My muse has returned. Such a momentous day.

When poetry entered the absinthe den
Cat-like, crackling
Peeking at the wrinkled corners of
Blue-within-blue eyes
I was there to greet her
One glass to see the world as it is
Another as it should be
The third transforms
Parts awaken, long dormant
Cocoons show signs of flaking
Layers peel away
Leaving only raw flesh
Pain in joy reborn.

What a weekend, especially last night. Wow oh wow. So this is what it's like to deal in love type things as "an adult."

It has been way too long. I think I'm finally returning to human being status. My brain has tricked me before, but I think if I get more opportunities to exchange love and the sort of intense energy I had the chance to experience last night in the arms of someone very very special, I may actually be out of the woods with this depression nonsense.

Is the world ready for my love? Is this individual ready for what my love is? I'm not talking about a certain sort of relationship or what have you. I'm talking about love itself, without reservations, and most importantly without attachments. I am so ready to go with the flow on this one. This one is a rather delicate situation. I held back when the magic occurred last night, because a certain male was peeking his head in from time to time saying weird things like, "Can you entertain me?" and things like that. Some people need clue charity, I swear. Care to donate?

Anyhow, by holding back I don't mean physically, although that was there, I mean emotionally. I know said special being thinks it was already intense, it was, but I know I have much much more. Man oh man, now I know what it's like to be propelled into another dimension. People who are only very lust oriented are really really missing out, folks, IMNSHO.

I start my job tomorrow, yes I got hired at that dream job. There are a lot of sticky things with getting full employee status, but it is already better than I could have imagined, so hey no worries :). Next weekend I leave for a two week vacation with my family. I know I'll have fun, but I keep getting this weird fear that I'll die in a plane crash, because my life right now is so good it almost seems not right. Thank you universe, thank you Baltimore, and thank you beautiful one.