Istanbul on King is a Turkish restaurant, located in the busy suburb of Newtown in Sydney, Australia. King Street itself is lined with eateries from all over the world (especially Thai, usually every 2-3 shops along). Istanbul is open during the day, serving hot, fresh pizzas and kebabs to a steady stream of hungry patrons. And it continues to shine on, late into the night. In fact, it's known to locals as the best bet for real food after midnight in Newtown. What's more, it's conveniently located within walking (stumbling) distance of several pubs. It's not unusual to find small crowds surrounding and filling the store at 2am on a Friday or Saturday night. And because of this, they have plenty of stuff still behind the counter at this hour, making sure the quality of the food remains high as it does throughout the day. The store itself is hard to miss, it's got a bright orange sign and is always full of people. A sure sign that they make delicious food.