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I'm Tired.

I've been tired all day today, physically and mentally. I think alot of it has to do with thinking, since exertion of mental power tends to make one sleepy. I came home, sat down, and started talking to my mother. She went through the whole discussion about what's wrong, are you depressed, she's a good mom. No, I'm not depressed. I'm just tired.

Tired of what? I'm tired of being here. It's all the same.

I started a collection today, I'm keeping all of my money in an envelope, stashed. That just feels better to me than a savings account at a bank. My goal: $2000 in cash. However, I have previous expenses. Such as a $1000 payment to my uncle for the car I recieved. and another $294 in insurance payments till July; So I'll keep a record, here.

My clutch is slipping on my car, or it's getting close to slipping. I'd hate for it to go out, that's another $119 for the disc and pressure plate; plus I don't know how to change it, I've never done it before. I've got the instructions but it's not a task I'd love to take on by myself. Not today anyway. If I can find a shop that'll do it for a mere $200 or less then i'll go with that. I don't have all the tools necessary yet.

update: thought it might be a better idea to put the goals and whatnot on my homenode instead of consistantly repeating that mess on seprate nodes.