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I fear.

I fear I won't be able to meet my goal this August. So far at work I'm averaging 24 hours a week. At my current pay, by August, (8 more pay periods, 192 work hours later) I will only have amassed $1056 before taxes.

After taxes, this should be enough to pay off my car and auto insurance.

It won't be enough to get me to alaska, however...

So yesterday, I got a call from merry boss, who informed me that because they were over budget on man hours, she would have to cut two shifts that day. Guess who was one of the lucky people? That's right, I worked a total of 3 hours this week.

Three hours.

After recieving that call, I dressed up in my most formal manner (as if I were going to work), went out, and put in three job applications, dropped off three resumes, and visited 8 places of business.

Out of all of them, I only recieved one good comment on my resume. Oh and it's nice, too. Have a look: http://lime.aniverse.com/scuzzy/present_resume.pdf Feel free to /msg me with your opinions.

Hopefully I'll have something else, or at least a second job by the end of next week. After my conversation with the person who gave me the good comments, he personally hand delivered my resume to the manager. We discussed computer problems he was having, so on and so forth. They didn't have anything available, but maybe they will in the future.
Of course, I don't have much time for that..

So basically my cutoff date this year is september, then I'll have to wait till at least next June before I can make the trip. I'm not sure I want to trust my FWD Ford Escort across the Alaska Highway with snow and mud on the ground.

Maybe if I pray for help.