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Why I want to move to alaska.

I sat here today, thinking about my life, my future. I'm only 18, such as most would consider me bull headed purely because of my age. I've held no less than four jobs, still working on my current one.

Recently, I was reprimanded because of two specific customer complaints that were filed against me. See, I work in retail. Dealing with the general public is not the most exciting job. Of these two events, one I was directly responsible since it was my words, and tone of voice that the customer took the wrong way. The other event, however, had nothing to do with the customer in question, and was purely co-worker conversation. The customer went so far as to file a complaint against me of being extremely offended because I mentioned the word mountain oysters to a co-worker who questioned the subject. The customer in question was being extremely spiteful, might I mention that the customer happened to be female.

I am not surprised.

I've had a personal discovery of many of the eastern contiguous united states of assholes. During this period of time, I've come to discover that People are hateful. Particulary in my area are people more hateful than most other places. People are hateful not because they have the right to be, but because they want to be. Some people get sick and twisted satisification out of being mean to others. For some people, this makes them feel powerful. People are no longer in touch with nature.

Every city is the same.

Every person is the same, the same lives, the same friends, the same hobbies, cars, jobs, the same clothes, hair styles, attitudes, ideas, beliefs. The same cities with the same buildings, streets, signs, and designs. The roads are the same, the sky is the same, the same pollution, the same crime.
This City is the same as the next with little variation. It's very boring, bland, and spiteful. Good luck getting some stranger to say hello first. I say hello all the time, to everyone. What's wrong with saying hello?

If you hate it so much, then move!

Why I'd be delighted to. It's a 55 hour drive. I can make it in my car with 150 gallons of fuel and $500 in my pocket. $2,000 will get me there and a place to stay for a month while I find a job.

Why do I want to move to Alaska?
It's a change. Anchorage, Alaska is far from average. The People are more friendly. The Communities are much safer. The Environment is much better. The Life is much more enjoyable. The wildlife is much more diverse and interesting.
Understanding that the world will always have hateful people everywhere you go, The ratio of hateful people in Alaska is far lower than that of Jackson, Tennessee. My biggest reason why I want to move:

I want an enjoyable life, for me and my children. I want something better than the cookie cutter lifestyle of 281 million other Americans.

The Opportunity to start anew, better, is here. Grab it.

One life to live, don't waste it.

I've set a goal.
The goal to life is to live your dreams. I've set a goal for Anchorage, Alaska. On August 3, 2004, my 19th birthday, I will depart Jackson, Tennessee. With $2,000 in my pocket, I will make my way, 55 hours, 4,200 miles, one week drive to Anchorage; to start a good life.
As my time passes to that date, I will record different events that lead up to it; what money I have saved, and so forth. I'm estimating, that with $2,000; I can make the $500 trip, and survive in the city for a period of, at most, two months; while I locate a job. It's a hard road to a better life.

But I won't give up.