More weird dreams tonight. I vaguely remember something about rearending someone, in a similar theme from the other night, but the one that really freaked me out goes like this:

I'm wandering around in what I seem to remember as a desert, or at least a very arid environment. I see a baby carriage (which somehow resembled a coffin) with three men, all wearing religious garb, clustered around it. (I clearly remember one of them wearing Catholic Bishop stuff, but can't remember the rest.) The carriage has a full body inside of it, and the bishop is holding a Star Trek-esque instrument the size and shape of a large pen, kind of like one of the handheld medical scanners. He doesn't notice me approach at first, and the three talk, although not loud enough so that I can hear them. He points the instrument at the corpse's face, and the flesh literally twists, almost as if one had applied a image convolution filter to it. Yes. To his face.

At this point they notice me approach, and all turn towards me, silent. I stop, dead in my tracks, and just stare. They stare back for several seconds more, then the bishop starts yelling vaguely. He points the Star Trek facetwister at me, and from about 10 yards away, it gently twists a small point of flesh on my cheek. I don't remember it hurting -- in fact, the only awareness I remember was seeing it from a third-person perspective.

I run. At this point, I wake up.