Weirdest dream last night. Although I'm not allowed to drive my dad's car, I took it out for a ride anyway. Although for some reason it was black, and not silver, as it is. The brakes weren't working right, or so it seemed, and not even 10 seconds after driving off (not even from my house, but from a big parking lot that seemed to resemble the one at school), I rearended a black minivan at about 5 mph. So I get out of the car (I must have put it in park, cause it didn't go anywhere, although I don't remember doing so), and the lady I hit gets out the side sliding door of the minivan. Well, no, she doesn't get out, she just kind of sits on the interface between the van and the rest of the world. She looks like a combination of one of the art teachers at my school, and one of the secretaries who has an 80s haircut.

The rest of the dream is a blur -- all I remember is something about her being involved romantically with my younger brother, which is odd, as he's sixteen. Oddest to me is how I almost never remember my dreams, yet remembered this one -- must have remembered this one because I woke up at 8, and then went back to bed for an hour and a half, during which time I had the dream.

And no, I have no idea what the hell it means.