I really think that humanity is insane.

There are things that we accept as normal: oxygen, room temprature, and many others. But in all of the universe, how much of it contain those same conditions? And the worst part is, that we raise our children to believe in those same norms.

And you know what's even more depressing? That maybe about 20% of the readers will understand what I mean, and maybe 1% of those will truly grok what I mean - in a moment of pure enlightment.

These words are addressed to those:

Don't lose your grip

You are human. Therefore, part of humanity. Stick with it, OK? If you let go of the insane notions of mankind, you will go insane.

This is not part of any reverse-psycology thing. I mean it. Rebeliousness can only be taken so far. And after reading this, you'll probably just think you understand. I thought so too. Trust me, it takes a while to truly comprehend how large the insanity is.