OK, this might seem a little odd, but I had been swimming in the IRC during the weekend, and something got stuck in my head: Feed me!.

While pestering the IRC bots for files, I really wanted to yell at them feed me! -- of course, it would not have helped. But the image of the Cookie Monster kept popping up in my head. A blue, furry, wide-mouthed, hungry, muppet. I guess next time, I should get some more sleep, eh?

Talking about feeding, I've been having thoughts about what kinds of foods can be used as flavoring in ice cream. This is not a simple as it seems! Freezing tends to weaken the taste of most foods. Ever tried eating chocolate that was meant to be used in ice cream? And I'm talking about the professional stuff, not the home-made stuff. That chocoalte is powerful. Almost pure cocoa. And as a big lover of caramel, I gotta say that eating the caramel meant to be used in frozen products (including frozen snack-bars) -- it's an experience. You can almost feel the sugar doing damage to your teeth.