Stories... We all are part of one, right?

Well, several, I guess. After all - I'm not only part of my story, but also of the stories of all the people I know: my sisters, my brother, my parents, my friends.

But if we all are part of stories, why do all the stories start out with "Long, long ago..." or "Far, far away..." or even "Someplace, somewhere, once upon a time..." why don't they just all start with "Somewhere (not here), and somewhen (not now)..."

It seems to me that so many stories ought to simply begin with "A person you see in the mirror everyday..." or perhaps, "Around the corner of your house..."

Nothing is really far, when you think about it. But the distance between you and all that's around you? That's frightening.

(I started thinking about this after looking at too many kindergarden books. You know, the ones with less than 30 pages, hard covers, and lots of pictures. Oddly enough, I only remember ever reading two of them. The Wild Things, and The Paper Princess. Maybe that's why I'm so weird. Or wired. Is there a difference?)