I want a new type of game. Maybe a new type of interface.

I've seen the results of research into the influence of the human mind over entropy. This is cool stuff. If you have a simple entropy-based random number generator, then person sitting nearby can affect the results. It helps a lot if they have some kind of feedback (blinking lights, or whatnot). And it's kinda fun to make electronic devices do stuff just by concentrating.

What I want, is to make a game that uses this as its interface for spells and such. Hell, if you added a speech proccessor, you could even incant the spell to activate it! Wouldn't that be cool? Being able to say the words of power, and give it force from the strength of your mind?

The problem: random-number generators that are affected are not cheap to build. Finding depleted plutonium is diffucult, building a neutrino counter is expensive, and parsing white noise from the air isn't entropy-based! (Those are the best random-number generators I know of. Got any others?)