I feel slightly victimized by nature. You see, I don't have an honest face.

When I ask people for their honest opinion on their impressions from my face, I keep getting words like demonic, shark, or even "kinda-evil-looking-y'know?"

To say the least, this makes is very hard to lie to people blievably! Well, I'm kidding about the lying thing. It's not that I'm bad at it or anything, but I try to give people a complete picture of the truth as often as I can. I guess it makes me sound like a lecturer or a preacher. Maybe the whole face-thing is because I'm trying too hard. I think I'll take a more relaxed attitude to the complete of the truth. You never know, it might even work.

Which brings me to the next issue, my struggles to become a Stealth Geek. I wan't to be able to look normal, but somehow the geekyness shines through. The only time it failed to peirce my clothing was when I was wearing a tuxedo during a wedding overseas. The whole concept of trying to become more attractive to the opposite sex is also giving me some problems. I'm fairly sure that women aren't attracted to the same things men are. But I'm at a loss as to what. Except for acting like a jerk. If you display the confidence born from an ego the size of Denmark, you can't go wrong. (Here's something I couldn't believe I said in public: ... yes, and on a clear day I can see all the way to the horizon and possibly to the edge of my ego! ... But, I mean, why bother looking around? The world revolves around me, it'll come 'round eventually, I guess.)

Hmm, I'll go search for opinions of the other noders, I suppose.