Adapt and accept, they might say. But the sicker we get, day by day - the more we long, for something, someone, someplace. As the time goes by, we regret the moments when we wanted to get out of the heaven we were in. Escape our peace of mind, into a world oh-so-foreign, to experience insanity. We leave our tressures behind, to explore what is so-far censored to the naked eye. We all run off, and stroll ourselves away, leaving the core of us behind. Departing the place that we have been brought up in and leaving all our memories behind, in a place where they are beter kept, in a place called home.

It always comforts us, to just know, that there is a place in this world, a place that we turn to when troubles trap us. Its a place we race to, at our weakest, one that reassures and admires our existence at our strongest. It is the saftey box, where all our childhood memories are kept and locked. The memories of laughter , the moments of pain and the ultimate silence that keeps us sane, will always be remembered in a place called home.

At your return, you flashback, way back to all those times. And you know, that deep inside of you, this is the place where the people understand you and know you best. The neighbours, are the family that stayed by your side, got you to where you are, kept your cool, laughed with you and at you but most of all, whenever they were needed they were just a wall away, and never turned you down. It is a way of life, which we all have, one way that we would never let go of.

Home, is always filled with love and care. Its where a broken heart can be truley meanded, with the aid of the swaying trees, the singing birds and the breezy wind, all of which, restore peace into your life, by the charm of home.

Home is the place where you can't be patient but leave when you are younger. You go far away, and get some sence, experiencing the cruelty of a world like this, and as you grow up, you'd kill to get back home.

So if your away from the place that you're supposed to be, the place that you belong. Never forget to appreciate how this place has always wiped your tears and got you back on two feet. And if you're away, how about a visit back home? Just before its too late. But in a place like home, you'll always be loved, remembered and cared for.