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mission drive within everything
a mellophone/ trumpet donimation of the world
um... i play the trumpet and french horn, and can identify animal tracks (bio. major of course) and im really felxible(i can hyperextend most of my jionts)
u of utah, go utes
anyways... and, dont buy a girl roses buy her tulips
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A lot of people ask me about my nickname, i usually say i dont know where i got it. However thats a lie its just a boring story from my childhood, that usually fakes me feel like a loser. Anyways, heres the full version once and for all. About 17ish years ago it was time for me to start crawlling, well i never really learned how to crawl, i scooted everywhere until i could walk, even now i tend to scoot my feet across the floor. Its bad. So my loving father deicided to nickname me scooter, and it stuck. I also look a bit like the skooter( yes w/ a k and i look like the blond one) barbie doll from way back, my mother had one as a child and said i look like her favotite barbie doll. Now im a big fan of vespas and the muppets. So yeah thats the story, nothing terribly special.