Iranian film directed by Majid Majidi. This time, the funding came from Varahonar production company rather than The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children, that is, the Iranian government.

The literal title of the film is The Colour of God. (Rang-e Khoda). A previous Majid Majidi film Khoda Miad (God Shall Come) starred the same actor as the father.

The central character is Mohammad, an 8-year-old blind boy. The story is quite subtle, involving questions of "what is selfishness?", "to what degree should self-interest come first?", "does God favour the blind?", "what does it mean to say that God is invisible?", etc.

It is truly an excellent film and underrated on because their ballot-stuffing prevention mechanism has stuffed up! I guess no system is perfect.

There is some argument on the imdb message board for the film about the meaning of the conclusion of the film.