Online photo sharing is booming. There are many factors that contribute to this trend, for instance:

  • The growing worldwide adoption of broadband, enabling faster uploads and downloads of high-quality photos
  • The transition to digital cameras, enabling convenient transfers of photos to the PC, and subsequently the Internet
  • The ability to share photos with friends and family, who are likely to follow suit, contributes to the viral growth of photo-sharing websites
  • Most photo websites offer both photo-sharing and photo-printing services, which further encourages people to transfer their photos to the net

This all is great news for photo enthusiasts. Here are two of my favorite photo-sharing services:

  • - One of the only decent websites that survived the .com crash. Cost: Free
  • - Offers a great desktop application that allows you to add effects to your photos, create slideshows (in flash) and upload it all to a website. Features an intuitive, "Kai's Power Tools"-style user interface. Cost: USD$29.99