5 a.m. We're both used to staying up all night. We're both high and I've been spending the night tossing words at my screen and seeing what sticks. I've built up a lot of energy but I've been waiting for you to say the words.

5 a.m. You say you want to smoke one more bowl and go to bed. So we do just that. But when we go to bed we do anything but sleep.

We start out lying and staring at the ceiling, moving gradually closer as a heady need for closeness finds us tangled in each other's arms. The pads of your fingers trail down the back of my neck. You're tired, but I won't let you sleep now. We've got all day.

And we use it. After countless hours of hinting at the pleasure to come, with teeth and fingernails and soft breath in the ear at just the right time, we indulge ourselves. When your body is finally too sensitive to continue, I pull you against me and hold you as sleep takes over. I'm not too far behind you.

I have never cared for sleeping next to someone. But then again you've introduced me to a world of unknown treasures.

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