Decide what you believe, you cynic

Bottled water sold out at the Giant supermarket near me around 9:00 pm Tuesday night. Duct tape is also said to be gone. The Government has recently recommended that people stockpile these things in case of a radiological attack, which they hint but do not actually say they expect very soon in New York and Washington.

The question is, do they really have information about an attack, or are they just trying to get us to line up behind the Iraq attack?

A Washington D.C. news station is reporting that Avenger anti-aircraft missile batteries have been set up around the capital. What do you believe? Is it theatre, or is it real?

I bought 8 gallons of water before it sold out. I did not buy duct tape, but I live on a high floor of an apartment building, and I gauge the risk up here as fairly low. Have to remember to turn off the central heating if something does happen, though. I prepared a two-page list of contact information for my elderly mother, living in another city, and will mail it tomorrow.

I think it would be hard to hoodwink the many intelligence personnel who live in this county, so I suspect there really must be a concrete threat, and the recent warnings have not been completely fabricated. But there's no question that the rise in fear will lead to support for the war, which means that the war is now a certainty, even if it wasn't before.

I'm planning a trip to France in just 5 days. With the political tensions rising between the U.S. and France, I suppose it might be quite unpleasant for us there right now. On the other hand, maybe there will be so few tourists that we'll have an especially good time.

I must try to remember, whatever happens, that suffering cannot be avoided, and that it is a privilege to be alive and conscious of what is going on around me. Being able to experience hope and curiosity, and being able to be surprised by the infinitely varied details of the real world, are usually well worth the price we pay for being edible, endocrinally volatile beings. Strive to live another day and reflect on what you have seen.

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