Calmurid is an emollient and anti-inflammatory cream prescribed to treat eczema and other related skin conditions where the skin is dry, rough, scaly, irritated or itchy. The active ingredients are urea (10%) and lactic acid (5%), both of which are natural substances found in healthy skin, and hydrocortisone (1%), which is a mild steroid. Other ingredients are glyceryl monostearate, betaine monohydrate, diethanolamine cetyl phosphate, adeps solidus, cholesterol, sodium chloride and purified water. Calmurid is not recommended for use over large areas of skin for long periods in infants, as the steroid in it could affect growth.

Suggested usage instructions:

  • First wash or bathe the affected areas.
  • Apply the cream as a thick layer over the affected skin. If the skin is weeping, dry it before applying the cream.
  • Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes, then rub it in lightly.
  • Wipe off excess cream with a tissue - do not rub it off.

Most doctors suggest using Calmurid twice a day for successful results. Despite its acidic nature, which causes stinging when applied to raw skin, I have found it quite effective in treating eczema.

Calmurid is a registered trademark of Galderma Ltd.