I was some kind of super hero. Not a regular super hero, a crappy one. I was really agile and good at kicking peoples' asses, while being almost impervious to pain, kind of like Wolverine without claws. That's not the really weird part though. The other superheroes and I lived together in this really sparse dorm like place in really close quarters, I think I was doing some superhero stuff before I went there, it's a little hazy. We were all really poor and actually stole to get by. I think most of us were university students, but there were a few that were younger or older. I had a close friend who was a boy who looked a lot like me sometimes (tall, thin) and a girl others, I think he/she could change form or something. We all wore fairly normal clothes, mostly light and cheap in medium earth tones, except some sort of accessory that was like weird magical raindow colours. Some people had glasses of the sort, some had bracelets or pins. I think I had a saxaphone shaped pin.

We were all in the country for some sort of field trip/badguy ass kicking session and I remember having a conversation with someone about ditching the rest of the group and living in one of the abandoned houses (there were a bunch of them around). I decided instead that I would just leave and strike out on my own with the aforementioned friend and my dog (who I addressed by the same name as my cat). The dream ended as I was walking down a dirt road, penniless, eating a handful of candy for breakfast (I was eating it slowly, since it was all i had and I wanted it to last).

This all disturbed me a lot.