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Wow, I've been a member of this site for four years and I've just started using it. My non-existant freetime has just been sucked into the infinite because I have the feeling that I'm going to spend a lot of time sitting here with the fiancee's laptop reading e2.

Hopefully I will take the time to be more creative in the future and not just write late and night when the day's energy is already spent.

Actually what got me into e2 this time is that I am now programming again. I was teaching for a long time (about a year), but that phase of my life is now over. For some reasons I am thankful that it is over, for others I am not. Like I said, I am now programming again. I write Java. Some days I find that exciting, some days I curse the existance of my very IT programmer ways. I really don't want to be an IT programmer, but I missed my opportunity to go to grad school and be an educated type so I just have to be happy with the way that I make money. I write Java, but more specifically I write java for a product called ATG Dynamo. It is a J2EE engine, and if you know anything about J2EE engines, you know that it takes forever for any J2EE engine that is running a large system to start. Instead of just staring at the screen now while it starts, I've now decided to read e2 occationally and bookmark some of the more interesting things that I read.

I guess what that ends up meanining is that I will be more of a reader than a writer here. At least for a while. Most of my time here on e2 will be in ten minute blasts while I wait for Dynamo to start.

I promise, I will at least make this homenode a little more interesting. Give me time!

by the way, just as a warning, my bookmarks are more of something that looked interesting to me that I want to come back and read sometime, rather than something that i actually endorse.