My attempt at Uberman's Sleep Schedule


I’ve always had trouble sleeping.  Not falling sleep actually, but waking up. This has been going on all my life and I have tried everything I could think of: exercise, diet, medicine and recently had nasal surgery.  Still I can’t seem to improve my situation.  That coupled with my desire to take over the world has led me to this new sleep schedule.

I am a 34 year old male, married with one child and have a steady job…   which may make this difficult but if it works it will be worth it.   My plan is to try this for as long as I can with several problems in the foreseeable future, the first of which is a business trip next week.   I will be involved in a week long seminar in Atlanta and am unsure if I will be able to stay true to the schedule.  Let’s see what happens.

The Jeffersonian way seems most appropriate… that is do this for a period of time that is appropriate then take a break.  Hell, if it’s good enough for Thomas Jefferson then it sure worth a try.

Day one

Had a normal nights sleep when my wife sent me this link at work so I decided to give it a try.   Took my first nap at 1:30 PM for 25 min.   The second at 5:30 pm for 25 min.   I missed my 9:30 PM as I was making a presentation to the executive branch of a security company that I am contracting for (see world take over plans above).   Took a 25 min snooze at 10:30 PM  (an hour late).  My next nap is at 2:30am.

I feel fine, but what would you expect for a guy who got a full nights sleep and took three naps.  I think the real test will come as it gets later.    The naps were fine, I laid still and eventually fell asleep.  My mind raced and I keep thinking about how I better fall asleep as 25 minutes was not much time, but eventually I did fall asleep.  I only know this because each and every time I had dreams, which I conclude must mean R.E.M. sleep.  I can't remember though if REM is before, during or after dream stage.   I'll look that up.    

An interesting note is that I rarely remember my dreams, and although I don't remember what I was dreaming now I did for right after I woke up.  Oh, here's something else, every time I woke up before the alarm went off.   I tried to go back to sleep but never was successful.  

I intend to be very careful.  I do not do well on sleep deprivation.  I don't know why, but if miss even a day of sleep I get sick. It will start as a headache almost like a hangover.  If I push it it will lead to horrible migraines and pukeing.  The only hope of recovering being 18 hours of sleep.   So stay tuned. This could get fun.

P.S.  My Wife and friend Vertigo are also doing this.  I hope the will document it here.