The shakes and all-over body ache can be ameliorated by drinking a lot of water and popping a B vitamin, it's quite true. A good shower will also help clean the gook off you, as while your body was processing the alcohol it was squirting toxins out your pores as well as into your bladder. But, what about the overwhelming dizziness and nausea?

Salt, baby! In order to keep the water down, you'll want to make sure that you rehydrate quickly. So, a handful of salted nuts, or some potato chips, or a really salty scramble (tofu, egg, whatever -- make it something you like, but something you can digest easily or at least get away with only eating a little) will help you with that. V-8 Picante is a good thing to keep around for the morning after, so long as the night before didn't involve bloody marys.