Most of what Christ said was in private. The Lord's Prayer for example, at night in the Garden of Gethsemene with two disciples present (I imagine He was just giving them an example of how to talk to the Father, but we've turned it into a liturgy complete with full musical score). All we have of the truly public events are short quotes that modern preachers can tear apart and analyze in one 20 minute sermon - like Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. Certainly Christ said more than the beatitudes while he had the ear of thousands, but we just hear of the critical bits.

Christ was here to live a life - to be an example of a life well lived. I don't hear the full musical score, the concentration in His eyes, the constant gravity of his presence. I see smiles, laughter, friendship. Certainly people affected by his life may have felt a gravity or at least a misplaced excitement as they became more and more certain that he was the new King of the Jews, but Jesus was just doing what he knew - as the Son of God, show these little people how to live without tearing each other apart. Sadly we never learned what he was trying to say. No nation has the political strength to put what he said into practice. Few people are willing to follow Christ to the cross if necessary.

What was said to Nicodemus by Jesus was the cornerstone of His message. I imagine he used that line several times. However even his close disciples didn't realize what he meant until after He rose from the grave.