An ancient Aztec legend tells of a God who descended to Earth from the stars at the dawn of time and became the father of the first Pumaman...

"So... pumas are suicidally depressive mouth-breathers?" - Crow T. Robot

Debuting in 1980 with the original title of L'Uomo Puma, this poorly done but amusing superhero movie is most notable for its royal treatment as MST3k's Puma Man.

It was directed by Alberto De Martino and the screenplay was written by Luigi Angelo and Massimo De Rita. It stars Walter George Alton as Professor Tony Farms, Donald Pleasence as Kobras, Sydne Rome as Jane Dobson, and Miguelangel Fuentes as Vadinho.
Puma Man - Episode 903 - Aired April 4, 1998

This episode is an MST3k classic. It follows the adventures of Tony Farms, a dorky and apparently incompetent paleontologist who lives and works in London. His tranquil life is interrupted by the appearance of Vadinho, a large goofy Aztec priest. Both in the original and the mistied version, Vadinho very much steals the show from the supposed protagonist, Tony.

"Your father saw in the dark. Your father jumped in the air. Your father protected my people." - Vadinho

Vadinho and Tony are fighting the forces of the evil Kobras, who has stolen a cheesy prop. Err, the golden mask of the Aztec gods, which gives him power over the minds of men. With the mask, his minions, and his brainwashed slaves, Kobras is attempting to defenestrate a lot of Americans and has a plan to take over the world. Hey, at least he doesn't have a cat.

Tony: "What is this?"
Vadinho: "My refuge."
Tony: "It fits your proportions."
Crow (as Tony): "Do you have a small, whiny warehouse for me?"

The quips in this episode come pretty fast and steady, and the movie is hardly Oscar material, but it's interesting enough to keep you going. And, of course, there are a few subplots on the Satellite of Love and Castle Forrester - Tom Servo's battle with Short Man's Disease, Crow T. Robot's resignation and return as a freelancer, Pearl Forrester's ball, Roger Whittaker, and more.

Vadinho: "You must take the great trip."
Mike: "Go to grandma's?"
Vadinho: "Dive into the nothingness."
Tom: "Watch MTV?"

Due to the usual copyright problems with rebroadcast of MST3k episodes, this might be hard to track down through normal channels, but with a little work you may find a friend with a tape or another copy of it. It's well worth it, this episode is great fun for newbies and old fans alike.